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Here are the answers to many of the most Frequently Asked Questions about Incorporating, LLC Formation & Registered Agents.

  • How Soon Will I Get My Corporate Documents?

    Delaware corporations and LLC's are typically filed the same day you place the order and receipt of paperwork is approximately 7-10 business days. In most other states, the filing time is 2-3 business days with receipt of documentation in approximately 10 business days.

  • Is An Attorney Necessary When Forming A Corporation Or LLC?

    No, an attorney is not necessary to incorporate your business. As a matter of fact, we assist many attorneys and accountants in the incorporation process. However, we do recommend speaking to an attorney prior to incorporating for legal or tax advice.

  • What Are My Annual Obligations For My Corporation Or LLC?

    Delaware corporations must pay an annual franchise tax/report fee (minimum $175) and registered agent fee of $99. These fees are billed on January 1 and due by March 1 of each year. Delaware LLC's must pay a flat LLC tax of $300 and our registered agent fee of $99. The LLC's fees are billed on April 1 and due by June 1 of each year. Please call our office for billing information on other states.
    * These fees are subject to change without notice

  • What Are The Advantages Of Incorporating?

    Owners limit their liability to the amount they invest in the corporation. Generally, directors, shareholders and officers cannot be held personally liable for claims or debts against the corporation. A corporation can raise capital through the issuance of stock. There are also tax deductible benefits for a corporation.

  • What Are The Requirements For My Corporate Name?

    In most states, a corporation must end in Inc., Incorporated, Co., Company, Corporation, Corp., Limited, Ltd., Syndicate, Union or Foundation. An LLC can end in Limited Liability Company, LLC or L.L.C.

  • What Is A Registered Agent & Do I Need One?

    A registered agent is a person or corporation that resides in the state of incorporation. The duties of a registered agent include receiving and forwarding of service of process, annual reports and/or franchise tax forms. State laws require corporations and LLC's to have a registered agent in the state of incorporation. Worldwide Incorporators can act as registered agent in any state as we have a nationwide network of agents. Our annual registered agent fee is $85 for Delaware and $125 for all other states.