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International Clients

We know you have questions.

Many of our international clients have questions, especially when incorporating in the United States for the first time. WorldWide Incorporators is here to answer any questions you might have.

Common Questions & Answers:

1. Do I need to come to the US to form a company? No, this is not a requirement.  

2. Must I be a U.S. citizen to form a company? No, this is not a requirement.  

3. Must I have an office located in Delaware or sell products in Delaware in order to form a Delaware company? No, this is not a requirement.  

4. Will I need to obtain an EIN or ITIN?  You may be required to obtain one or both of these numbers from the IRS (Internal Revenue Service). We can assist with these services in certain cases.  Please inquire within.

5.Do I need a lawyer?  You do not need a lawyer to form the company, however, you may require the assistance of a lawyer to draft an operating agreement or provide a legal opinion. We can assist with the coordination through a local attorney/lawyer.

6. Do I need an apostille? If you are doing business in a country that is part of the Hague Convention, you will most likely need to order this additional documentation.  

7.Will I need the corporate kit? It is highly recommended and the majority of our clients will purchase it. The "E Kit" is a good option for international clients.

8. Will I need a US bank account?  No, however, if you are opening a US bank account, you will need to send an officer of the company to the U.S. in person to open the account with a photo ID.